Invited science talks and lectures
at international conferences (I), workshops (W) and universities (U):

GOBE workshop IGCP 653 (W), Sept. 2016, Durham University, Geochemical proxies.
Nuclear waste meeting (W), Stockholm, June 2016, molybdenum cycling.
From Stones to Bread (W), Royal Society of Denmark, June 2016, Cooling the Earth by rock weathering
Fermor Meeting “The Neoproterozoic Era” (C) Sep 2012, Geological Society, London
Goldschmidt conference, Montreal Canada (C) June 2012: “Informing geobiological models through […] modern analogues”
Princeton University, Research talk (U), Dec 12, 2011: “Ocean Oxygenation during Early Animal Evolution”
ETH Zürich, Research Talk (U), July 22, 2011: Metal-Silicate Mixing […] implications for the age of the Moon

20+ seminar lectures at Univ. Exeter, Southern Denmark, UC Riverside, Arizona State, Harvard, Caltech, Copenhagen.